Giftware and Souvenirs for Trade Customers

Welcome to the On Track Wholesale website. We have spent time to improve and simplify the look of the website. You will be able to look at our products, find out more about our company and contact us.

New in 2020 you will discover we have designed new products and created our detailed sales brochure, unique to the Welsh Gift and Souvenir market. The brochure features product images, supplier codes, suggested quantities and costs, to make your job of ordering as easy as possible. As ever On Track Wholesale is here to help you with our proven favourite products from previous years and new items which I’m sure will impress you.

New products for 2020 include new photo range of products including magents, printred on wood, and photo greetings cards. More items at the economic end of the price scale including 3D printed magnets, new slate producer creating new slate products. We also have our range of soft toys from Keel Toys called Animotsu which are availble on its own shop display and have been proving very popular.

Our emphasis is on items with a Welsh theme that are desirable to the tourist and pleasing to those of us from Wales. We are always delighted to meet our customers in person and like to give our advice on products and any other information about On Track Wholesale.

Please use the buttons at the foot of the page to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Look out for our YouTube page soon. We will post information here about special deals, stock availability and any other news.